Thursday, November 26, 2015


The top 20 players earned a direct seat in the Classic Grand final, playing for a $6142 Prize Pool. They will be joined by 10 more players to be determined in the Saturday RepĂȘchage starting at 2pm.

The players who qualify for the Repechage are as follows:

Alex Maynard
Carsten Lux
Gary Tuhou
Jason Santos
Jesse Row
Aaron Mctainsh
Rayel Newman
Todd Wightman
Shane Hobbs
Gabriel Tan
Zane Lewis
Evalyn Leong
Lucas Taua-Fahey
Thomas Figure
Sam Hetchinson
Sam Chin
Bruce King
Mark Nafatali
Glenn Wallace
Kirby Mackay
Mark Buckingham
Luke Millington
Amin Osama
Jason Taylor
Matt Kelly
Kenny Potter
Adam Matahaere
Wiremu Miller
Michael Grant
Matt Lawry

Apologies to those with misspelled names, but it's likely we misread your scribbly writing.

If you see your name on this list, please contact us to confirm your seat.

No substitutions are permitted for this event and once there are 10 contestants remaining, the tournament will end.

Rounds: 15 min
Start Stack: $15k