Thursday, June 14, 2018

We've moved!

Hi everyone, no we're not dead yet, we're just publishing our blog directly to the Dunedin Casino website, you can visit us here.

We'll also continue to update our facebook page regularly with all the news and info on upcoming tournaments here.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

WWPT Rivers a Royal Flush

An absolute brilliant night of poker tonight in our WWPT with the most insane hand this year to date!
22 players showed up tonight on to fight it out for a share of $2340.  With a total of 23 rebuys and 20 addons 1st prize was over $1000!

1st $1055
2nd $655
3rd $400
4th $235

Tonight had its share of bad beats!  We had Morgan with K 10 up against Vinnie with K 8, both players all in and a 30k plus pot, flop came 5 Q K, turns a 2 and you guessed it, the river an 8!

However the hand of the night had to go to Sam who was all in up against Daz, Sam with Ad Kd and Daz with Ah Kh, both looking at a chop, the flop comes 3h Qh 10d, turns a 6h, both with a flush draw and the river comes and its a Jd giving Sam a Royal Flush and a monster pot of just under 60k, unlucky Daz!

Final table and our bubble again went Noel who again left his lucky socks at home.  Noel had K Q up against Hayden with 7 7, Hayden even hit trips on the river as well.

Forced to shove Vinnie goes all in with whats left in front of him with 10 10, Hayden calls with J 5, flop comes 9 7 J, turns an A and river a K, Haydens J good enough and Vinnie out in 4th place taking away $235.

Next hand and Jordy has A 9 and raises and gets a call from Hayden with K 4, flop comes 9 K 6, Jordy shoves all in and Hayden calls, turns an 8 and river a 7 and Jordy is out in 3rd place taking away $400.

Heads up and Hayden is now the big stack and Sam well below 50% in his stack, Sam then shoves with K 5 and Hayden snap calls with A J, flop comes 2 5 A, turns an 8 and river a 7 and Sam is out in 2nd taking away $655 for 2nd and of course Hayden taking out the WWPT and $1055 for a nights work.

Remember this Saturday the 2nd of June at 1pm is our Deep Stack Freeze out Tournament.  $300 buy in and 20,000 starting stack!

Fantastic night of poker again here at Dunedin Casino!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday "Flipping Forty"

A great night at Dunedin Casino poker with a new tournament layout making some interesting changes, A new $40 buy-in with Unlimited rebuys and a single addon at the break all for 4K chips, with only 20 players showing up for the night the total prize pool was surprising.
Total prize pool reaching $2124 with a total of 17 addons and 22 Rebuys,
1st: $960
2nd: $595
3rd: $360
4th: $210

The night started a little bit slow with players trickling in through out the rebuy period  but picked up pace fast as we approached final table with a few multi knockouts.

The bubble was an all in with Aaron and Greg, Aaron holding K 5 and Greg with A K the flop came 3 7 10 the turn comes in the form of an 8 the river was another 10 putting Gregs A K as the winning hand with A high.

We then had a All-in push quickly after with Martin and Josh, Martin holding a monster J J vs Josh with a decent hand himself A Q, the fun was short lived for Martin when then flop came Q Q K, with a decreasing amount of outs for Martin the Turn came 7 followed by the river 9 giving Josh the winning hand trip Qs, Martin finished 4th overall taking away $210.

The next hand was not so action packed as the last with Josh KK and Greg A 7, Flop 5 6 J Turn 9 and river 2, with the kings on fine form winning the hand with no trouble sending Greg home with $360.

After Hau and Josh decided on a chop the final hand came down to a flip til no stack remained, Flop came down J 4 9 Josh flipping over a 5 and Hau a 2 Turn 10 no one shows and the river an A Hau turns his last card a 2 making his hand pocket 2s Josh hoping to hit any of the board almost rubbed the paint off his J giving him J 5 and the winning hand with a pair of jacks lucky for Josh his stack was just bigger than Hau sending Hau home 2nd with $700.

And to the victor goes the spoils as josh leaves with $855.
Another fun night of poker tonight.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018




  • Sign up at the cash desk prior to the 2nd June, and at the poker tables on the day
  • 30 players max
  • One entry per entrant - no re-entries, no rebuys, no addons
  • Late registration subject to strict availability
  • 9 player final table
  • 60 second clock if requested
  • There will be a minimum of four $20 rebuy satellites to this event.  See below for details.


  • $20 Satellites will be run at 8pm on the following days:
    • Saturday 5 May
    • Friday 11 May
    • Saturday 19 May
    • Saturday 26 May
  • $20 rebuys for the first hour
  • Up to 3 addons available at the break
  • All stacks 2000 tournament chips
  • 12 minute levels
  • One seat awarded to the June Total Freezeout for every $300 in the prize pool.


The first seat won in this satellite series, must be played by that player.

No refunds, transfers or other options will be available.

All subsequent seats won in this satellite series will be paid cash.


June Total Freezeout Terms and Conditions
Satellite to the June Total Freezeout Terms and Conditions

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

✿✿✿ANZAC Day Terminator Tournament✿✿✿

We had 18 players show up this ANZAC Day all playing for their share of a $1700 pot. With bounties in play, the competition was fierce.

The top three were paid. They were Kirby M, Gary T and Jayden H.

Flop of K-Q-J came up, Kirby shoved all-in with K-9. Jayden called and had flopped the nuts with 10-A and with only a 4 and 3 showing on the rest of the board, there was nothing to save Kirby. She still took out 3rd place and managed to get a bounty not long beforehand as well.

Gary was the next to strike. He managed to double-up with K-K against Q-Q, but it was all over when he went all-in with K-9 pre-flop. Jayden called with Q-A. Board was 5-A-7-Q-Q so Jayden rivered the boat and took out the tournament along with 3 bounties.

Congratulations to our winners and watch this space to learn about our new up and coming Wednesday tournament.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

No Problemo For Tonight's Terminator Winner!

Another fun action packed night of poker as usual at Dunedin Casino.  We had 17 starters tonight with 44 Addons and 36 Rebuys making a total prize pool of $1547 plus another $425 in bounty's.

Tonight paid the top 3 places, 1st $775, 2nd $465 and 3rd $310

Hand of the night had to go to Hao who calls an all in with 7 2 up against Jeremy P with K 2, flop comes K 2 10, Jeremy well ahead and Hao around a 3% chance, turns a 7 and river another 7 giving Hao a boat and hand of the night.  Who says 7 2 is no good?

Kama eventually came back to haunt Hao when he peeps at A A and shoves and gets a caller from Simon who has K K, flop comes 10 2 4, turns another 2 and the river a K!  Aces cracked again for the night, and Hao was out in around 13th.

Final table and we had a massive 3 way all in preflop with Greg with K 4, Daniel with As Qs and Jermey P with A K, flop comes 3s 5s 7, turns a 4 and unfortunately for Greg the river a Js giving Daniel the nut flush and a double knock out taking 2 bounty's.

A few hands later and again a big 3 way all in, this time Martin with K 10 up against Hayden with J J and Chris R with A 5, flop comes 9 9 Q, turns a 2 and river a 3, Martin out in 5th.

Down to the final 4 and tonight's bubble!  We had Josh with 10 10 up against Hayden with J J, flop comes 8 3 5, turns a 6 and river a 10!  Josh hitting trips on the river and Hayden our bubble tonight taking away 2 bounty's.

final 3 and Chris has Qs 8s and pushes, Daniel calls with A Q, flop comes 3 2 2, turns a 3 and river a J, Chris out in 3rd taking away $310 for 3rd and also 4 bounty's.

Heads up and Josh and Daniel play for around an hour!  They decide to do a deal both taking $500 each and leaving $240 cash, a photo and of course the title of Wednesday night Terminator Champion to play for.  Finally the final hand
comes and Josh has A 2 and shoves, Daniel calls with 8 8, flop comes Q K 10, turns a 10 and river a 4, Josh out in 2nd taking $500 for his deal and taking 2 bounty's as well.

Tonight's winner Daniel taking away $740 for his 1st place and taking 5 bounty's away as well.  That's a total of $865 for his night.

Another great night of Poker at Dunedin Casino.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Frantic Start to Wednesday Night Terminator

Tonight's Terminator Bounty tournament started with a hiss and a roar, true to form no one turned up early but all 16 players arrived right on 7.45pm and we were away.

16 players and we had a total of 41 rebuys and 44 addon's making tonights total prize pool of $1621 plus another $400 in bounty's.  Tonight's action paid to the top 3 places.

1st $811
2nd $485
3rd $325

Right away we had a massive 4 way all in, we had Roger with K K, Mok with 5d 6d, Chris T with A A and Chris R with A K, everyone's all in and flop comes Q 8 9, turns a 10 and rivers a 7, Mok taking down a massive pot with a straight.

11 players remaining and to break it down to one table we had Adam with K K moving all in against Mok who show's A A, nothing fell and Adam out before final table.

Tonight's bubble went to Chris K who was slightly short stacked and moves in with A 10, Hayden sees 6h 9h and calls, flop comes 2 K K, turns a 6 and river an 8.

Gary and Mok then go head to head, Gary with with only 27k moves all in with Q 6, Mok calls on big blind for an extra 11k, flop comes A 10 A, turns a K and rivers a 10, Mok's 5 4 no good and Gary doubles up.

Next hand and again its Gary and Mok, this time Mok has J Q and Gary 7 7, flop comes 5 10 8, turns a 3 and rivers a 6.  Gary again doubles up.

2 hands later and again it was Gary and Mok, and again Gary wins the battle, this time with J 6 and Mok has A 4, flop comes 6 5 J, turns a K and river a 2, Mok out in 3rd taking $325 plus $50 in bounty's.

Heads up and both Gary and Hayden do a deal, both taking $600 each and playing for $96 and the title of Terminator!

Final hand and Gary has Q 3, Hayden has A 3, flop comes 6 5 J, turns a K and river a 2, Hayden out in 2nd taking $600 plus another $150 for his 6 bounty's.  Gary taking $696 for 1st and another $125 for his bounty's.

Another great night of poker.