Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday "Flipping Forty"

A great night at Dunedin Casino poker with a new tournament layout making some interesting changes, A new $40 buy-in with Unlimited rebuys and a single addon at the break all for 4K chips, with only 20 players showing up for the night the total prize pool was surprising.
Total prize pool reaching $2124 with a total of 17 addons and 22 Rebuys,
1st: $960
2nd: $595
3rd: $360
4th: $210

The night started a little bit slow with players trickling in through out the rebuy period  but picked up pace fast as we approached final table with a few multi knockouts.

The bubble was an all in with Aaron and Greg, Aaron holding K 5 and Greg with A K the flop came 3 7 10 the turn comes in the form of an 8 the river was another 10 putting Gregs A K as the winning hand with A high.

We then had a All-in push quickly after with Martin and Josh, Martin holding a monster J J vs Josh with a decent hand himself A Q, the fun was short lived for Martin when then flop came Q Q K, with a decreasing amount of outs for Martin the Turn came 7 followed by the river 9 giving Josh the winning hand trip Qs, Martin finished 4th overall taking away $210.

The next hand was not so action packed as the last with Josh KK and Greg A 7, Flop 5 6 J Turn 9 and river 2, with the kings on fine form winning the hand with no trouble sending Greg home with $360.

After Hau and Josh decided on a chop the final hand came down to a flip til no stack remained, Flop came down J 4 9 Josh flipping over a 5 and Hau a 2 Turn 10 no one shows and the river an A Hau turns his last card a 2 making his hand pocket 2s Josh hoping to hit any of the board almost rubbed the paint off his J giving him J 5 and the winning hand with a pair of jacks lucky for Josh his stack was just bigger than Hau sending Hau home 2nd with $700.

And to the victor goes the spoils as josh leaves with $855.
Another fun night of poker tonight.