Wednesday, May 30, 2018

WWPT Rivers a Royal Flush

An absolute brilliant night of poker tonight in our WWPT with the most insane hand this year to date!
22 players showed up tonight on to fight it out for a share of $2340.  With a total of 23 rebuys and 20 addons 1st prize was over $1000!

1st $1055
2nd $655
3rd $400
4th $235

Tonight had its share of bad beats!  We had Morgan with K 10 up against Vinnie with K 8, both players all in and a 30k plus pot, flop came 5 Q K, turns a 2 and you guessed it, the river an 8!

However the hand of the night had to go to Sam who was all in up against Daz, Sam with Ad Kd and Daz with Ah Kh, both looking at a chop, the flop comes 3h Qh 10d, turns a 6h, both with a flush draw and the river comes and its a Jd giving Sam a Royal Flush and a monster pot of just under 60k, unlucky Daz!

Final table and our bubble again went Noel who again left his lucky socks at home.  Noel had K Q up against Hayden with 7 7, Hayden even hit trips on the river as well.

Forced to shove Vinnie goes all in with whats left in front of him with 10 10, Hayden calls with J 5, flop comes 9 7 J, turns an A and river a K, Haydens J good enough and Vinnie out in 4th place taking away $235.

Next hand and Jordy has A 9 and raises and gets a call from Hayden with K 4, flop comes 9 K 6, Jordy shoves all in and Hayden calls, turns an 8 and river a 7 and Jordy is out in 3rd place taking away $400.

Heads up and Hayden is now the big stack and Sam well below 50% in his stack, Sam then shoves with K 5 and Hayden snap calls with A J, flop comes 2 5 A, turns an 8 and river a 7 and Sam is out in 2nd taking away $655 for 2nd and of course Hayden taking out the WWPT and $1055 for a nights work.

Remember this Saturday the 2nd of June at 1pm is our Deep Stack Freeze out Tournament.  $300 buy in and 20,000 starting stack!

Fantastic night of poker again here at Dunedin Casino!