Wednesday, April 18, 2018

No Problemo For Tonight's Terminator Winner!

Another fun action packed night of poker as usual at Dunedin Casino.  We had 17 starters tonight with 44 Addons and 36 Rebuys making a total prize pool of $1547 plus another $425 in bounty's.

Tonight paid the top 3 places, 1st $775, 2nd $465 and 3rd $310

Hand of the night had to go to Hao who calls an all in with 7 2 up against Jeremy P with K 2, flop comes K 2 10, Jeremy well ahead and Hao around a 3% chance, turns a 7 and river another 7 giving Hao a boat and hand of the night.  Who says 7 2 is no good?

Kama eventually came back to haunt Hao when he peeps at A A and shoves and gets a caller from Simon who has K K, flop comes 10 2 4, turns another 2 and the river a K!  Aces cracked again for the night, and Hao was out in around 13th.

Final table and we had a massive 3 way all in preflop with Greg with K 4, Daniel with As Qs and Jermey P with A K, flop comes 3s 5s 7, turns a 4 and unfortunately for Greg the river a Js giving Daniel the nut flush and a double knock out taking 2 bounty's.

A few hands later and again a big 3 way all in, this time Martin with K 10 up against Hayden with J J and Chris R with A 5, flop comes 9 9 Q, turns a 2 and river a 3, Martin out in 5th.

Down to the final 4 and tonight's bubble!  We had Josh with 10 10 up against Hayden with J J, flop comes 8 3 5, turns a 6 and river a 10!  Josh hitting trips on the river and Hayden our bubble tonight taking away 2 bounty's.

final 3 and Chris has Qs 8s and pushes, Daniel calls with A Q, flop comes 3 2 2, turns a 3 and river a J, Chris out in 3rd taking away $310 for 3rd and also 4 bounty's.

Heads up and Josh and Daniel play for around an hour!  They decide to do a deal both taking $500 each and leaving $240 cash, a photo and of course the title of Wednesday night Terminator Champion to play for.  Finally the final hand
comes and Josh has A 2 and shoves, Daniel calls with 8 8, flop comes Q K 10, turns a 10 and river a 4, Josh out in 2nd taking $500 for his deal and taking 2 bounty's as well.

Tonight's winner Daniel taking away $740 for his 1st place and taking 5 bounty's away as well.  That's a total of $865 for his night.

Another great night of Poker at Dunedin Casino.