Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Frantic Start to Wednesday Night Terminator

Tonight's Terminator Bounty tournament started with a hiss and a roar, true to form no one turned up early but all 16 players arrived right on 7.45pm and we were away.

16 players and we had a total of 41 rebuys and 44 addon's making tonights total prize pool of $1621 plus another $400 in bounty's.  Tonight's action paid to the top 3 places.

1st $811
2nd $485
3rd $325

Right away we had a massive 4 way all in, we had Roger with K K, Mok with 5d 6d, Chris T with A A and Chris R with A K, everyone's all in and flop comes Q 8 9, turns a 10 and rivers a 7, Mok taking down a massive pot with a straight.

11 players remaining and to break it down to one table we had Adam with K K moving all in against Mok who show's A A, nothing fell and Adam out before final table.

Tonight's bubble went to Chris K who was slightly short stacked and moves in with A 10, Hayden sees 6h 9h and calls, flop comes 2 K K, turns a 6 and river an 8.

Gary and Mok then go head to head, Gary with with only 27k moves all in with Q 6, Mok calls on big blind for an extra 11k, flop comes A 10 A, turns a K and rivers a 10, Mok's 5 4 no good and Gary doubles up.

Next hand and again its Gary and Mok, this time Mok has J Q and Gary 7 7, flop comes 5 10 8, turns a 3 and rivers a 6.  Gary again doubles up.

2 hands later and again it was Gary and Mok, and again Gary wins the battle, this time with J 6 and Mok has A 4, flop comes 6 5 J, turns a K and river a 2, Mok out in 3rd taking $325 plus $50 in bounty's.

Heads up and both Gary and Hayden do a deal, both taking $600 each and playing for $96 and the title of Terminator!

Final hand and Gary has Q 3, Hayden has A 3, flop comes 6 5 J, turns a K and river a 2, Hayden out in 2nd taking $600 plus another $150 for his 6 bounty's.  Gary taking $696 for 1st and another $125 for his bounty's.

Another great night of poker.