Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Down to Rags...

We had 28 Players turn up tonight to play it out for a prize pool just shy of $2500.

Final five this week were, Andrew A, Carsten, Chris S, Danny and Jason S.

Andrew went all-in pre for 2.5 BB UTG and Chris called for just around 2 BB. Andrew with AQ vs QJ hearts. Chris flopped a flush draw and Andrew flopped a pair to his Ace. Turn came a Jack which also paired up Chris but neither the flush or another Jack came on the river, so Chris took 5th.

The next knockout came from a three way all-in, Jason, Danny and Cartsen, A10, KK, AQ respectively. Danny had the middle stack with KK and was happy to see a low board: 2 4 3, 9, 4. Cartsen took home 4th prize and Jason took a hit to his stack.

Andrew pushed pre-flop with 4,3 and was unlucky when he ran into a monster, Jason called him with KK. Andrew was dead to a chop on the flop, it came 10 K J, Turn an Ace, no Queen on the river, just a 10. Jason completed his full house and sent Andrew home 3rd with just under $400.

Heads up play went back in forward over three all-in hands. Jason started with 190k vs Danny's 70k chips. 1st hand, Danny doubled up with a pairs of 9's when Jason missed with two overs. 2nd hand, Jason fought back and took his chips back with a pair of johnnies.

The final hand was a battle of the rags with Jason 4,5 and Danny 6,9. Chips were all in blind after a deal had been arranged. The board came, A 8 5 8 10. Jason took it out with a pair of 5's.

Well done Jason!