Thursday, December 17, 2015

Damien The Bounty Hunter

Tonight's Thursday Turbo only had 16 players but we had 50 rebuys giving us a price pool of almost $800. We also had a $50 bounty on Tumua's head.

Top four were Damien L, Ji M, Tumua I, Sammy C.

Damien gets it all in with Q8 against Tumuas 97 and Sammys J10 and when the board pairs his queen he knocks out
Tumua, taking his bounty just one place away from getting it himself. This also crippled Sammy leaving him with very few chips.

Sammy shoves the rest of his chips in with A8 and Damien calls with Q2 hoping the queen will come through for him again but this time its the two that he hits on the flop. Sammy doesn't hit anything and is out in 3rd place.

Heads up between Damien and Ji last for a while until Damien manages to finally get Ji down to just a single Big Blind forcing him to go all in with K8. Damien calls with 46 and hits his 4 to take the win. Damien takes 1st place and Tumua's bounty, well done!