Saturday, December 5, 2015

Xmas Classic Final 2016

A few late arrivals and one substitution, but otherwise the Xmas Classic Grand Final kicked off on time and hosted a full field of 30 entrants, and, with a prize pool exceeding $6,000, it was well worth the effort for a lucky few.

The final table was quick to dispense with players early, including this pivotal moment when Sheldon limped into a pot against cowboys and big slick with 67s.  He turned a straight and claimed a double knockout, giving him a significant advantage early into the final table.

Will was the first to cash, taking fifth place when Hayden flopped a set of 7's.

The final four played it out for quite some time, here are a few exciting hands in sequence:

Todd raises to 14k and Michael pushed all in for 43k, Todd calls and turns over KK and Michael reveals AA!! The hand played out as it would 4/5 times and the Aces won.

Todd then went all in for 25k, Hayden calls and it's a race between A2 and A7.  Board comes out 9-4-4.  The turn is an A giving both top pair, but an 8 on the river saves Todd splitting the pot.

Todd then gets a small double up when Sheldon pushes him all in on his BB.

Sheldon raises to 18k with KT and Mike pushes all in for 40k with K9. The board comes out 5-J-7-A-9!  A lucky double up for Mike on the river.

Todd then became the second player to cash after moving all in for 50k with K4.  Mike calls with AsK.  The board came out Qs3s6s4s and Todd was dead before the river, (but if anyone cares, it was a 9).

Well done Todd, nicely played the whole day and unlucky to run into Aces on that earlier deciding hand.
Final three were Sheldon, Michael and Hayden.

Some hands after the last knockout, Michael went all in for 40k and Hayden called him, K5 vs TT. The board came out 6-Q-8-5-K!  Michael defied death once more on the river.

Hayden then pushed with KJ and ran into Sheldon holding AT.  The board missed everyone and Sheldons ace high was enough to take the pot.

After the last big hand with Sheldon, Hayden was left with a short stack of 39k.  It all went in vs Michael but this time Hayden finally got a bit of luck, doubled up and was back in the game.

Hayden and Michael tango again K3 vs KQ.  Mikes higher king holds up on a board of 6-A-5-9-J Left with just 1k, it was all over for Hayden, but it was a well played tournament as always and a juicy third place.

Heads up play didn't last long between Sheldon and Michael before the last hand of the series.  Michael went all in with JT and Sheldon called with QT.  The community cards were J-Q-K-5-5.  Both players had two pair but Sheldons queen and his bigger stack ended the game.

Some very exciting poker played on the final table and some very deserving $ winners.  Well done on everyone who made it to the final!  Keep an eye on the blog and our facebook page, we'll try and post the schedule for 2016 soon.