Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2nd Wednesday Classic of 2016

Tonight we had a short field for the $2,000 guaranteed weekly tournament. 18 brave souls ventured in to play.

With the short field, we boosted the pot up to the guarantee. Top three got paid this week for $1000, $600 and $400. The final four came down to, Tumua, Evalyn, Ryan and Chris R.

Evalyn and Ryan went head to head, 3,3 vs 7,9. Ryan hit his seven on the flop and it was good enough to hold up. 7 A T T 5. There was a friendly deal for the bubble, so she didn't go home empty handed.

Tumua got a double up against Ryan in a big hand with AJ against KQ.  Ryan's stack was left crippled with around two BB. Chris got Ryan all in a couple of hands later, AT vs 6,7. Two pair came on the board, and the pot went to Chris' A high. Community cards: K 4 8 8 4.

Heads up was Between Tumua and Chris. Their final hand was all in pre, Q6 vs AT. Tumna looked good from the flop when his Queen hit, Q 5 J. The turn made him look even better, with another Queen. The river... Not so sweet for him.. A King came on the river, giving Chris an Ace high straight.

Well done to Chris on his first win for this Classic series.