Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jesse Strikes Again

26 People turned up for the Thursday $10 Turbo Tournament, including those who won a seat at our Tuesday Free-roll Tournament. Many were knocked out early including 3 knock-outs in the last hand before the break, making for a final table of 8.

Our final four were James H, Ross M, Brendan N and Jesse R.
James was the first to strike; with A-10 against Ross, all-in with A-4. James' 10 played with a board of 3-Q-2-6-Q and Ross was knocked out for 4th place.

Jesse went on to dominated with A-6 against Brendan's A-7. He flopped two-pair A's and 6's, leaving Brendan with 3rd.

Jesse streak continued taking James out with pocket A's and claiming his second tournament win of the week.

Classic V continues on Wednesday where the top 10 will get 100 bonus points. We'll see you there.