Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Terminator's Slow to Start

Tonight's action got away to a very slow start with only 6 players starting at 7.45pm but 10 minutes later we had 3 tables of 7 away and there were some huge hands including Greg slamming down a Royal Flush!

(Greg with a Royal Flush at the show down against Josh's 2 pair)

21 players but they were an aggressive 21 players adding 62 rebuys and 47 Addons to the total prize pool as well as $525 in bounties.  This made a total prize pool of  $2609 including bounties.

1st $940
2nd $585
3rd $355
4th $210

$940 for 1st prize not a bad effort for only 21 players starting.

Down to the last table and Daniel Q J up against Robert with K 8, Robert shoves all in preflop and Daniel calls, flop comes A 10 2, turns an 8 and river a 7 giving Robert a bounty and a huge pot of over 100k, Daniel our bubble tonight and taking away 5 bounties in total.

A few hands later we had Jonathon all in with A Q up against Danny with Q J, flop comes K A 6, turns a 4 and river a J making Jonathon's A good enough for another bounty and Danny out taking 3 bounty's and $210 for 4th place.

Next to go was Ross with K 6 up against Robert with A 5, flop comes 7 9 2, turns a Q and rivers a J making Robert's A good enough.  Ross out in 3rd taking $355.

Final 2 and we're heads up, last hand we had Jonathon with 8 4 up against Robert with 7 9, flop comes J J J,  turns an 8 and Jonathon bets 12K, Robert calls, rivers a 10 so Jonathon pushes all in with a full house and Robert calls with his straight,  Robert out in 2nd taking away $585 plus $100 in bounty's.  Jonathon taking out 1st prize of $940 and taking $125 in bounty's.

Next week will be our final Terminator Tournament for October and $200 going to the player with the most Kills for October.