Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Terminator Shum.

Tonight's action at 7.45pm started with only 5 players but 15minutes later we had 27 players battling it out for a total prize pool of $2320 plust $675 in bounties.

Even though the rebuy and addons were down from last weeks action, 1st prize was still paying over $1000 at $1045, 2nd $650, 3rd $395 and 4th $230.

Final table and the most deciding hand of the night was Chris S taking a monster pot on the final table.  Allan H goes all in with A 4, Hao raises to $12k, Chris re raises to 40k with Q J and Hao calls, flop comes Q 3 8 and Chris pushes all in and Hao reluctantly folds.  Turns a 6 and rivers a 3 giving Chris Allan's bounty and a pot of over 100k and now a massive lead over the rest of the field.

With this massive chip advantage Chris easily cruised to the win taking blind after blind and chipping away at the other players.  He took the most bounties tonight with 8 in total!  A great play by Chris putting him ahead on the bounty leader board.

Results were:  4th Hao, 3rd Martin, 2nd John B and of course Chris in 1st place.