Saturday, September 30, 2017

Last to arrive, last to leave.

Today we had 21 people turn out for the September deepstack playing for a prize pool just short of $5000.

Dan managed to get out of bed and rocked up with twenty minutes to spare now everyone else wishes he kept sleeping.

Down to the final five we had a three way all in. Andy went all in with pocket eights, Tristan called with pocket aces and Dan with the biggest stack called with JK. Board is 6J9K4 and Dan successfully knocks out two people for the second time today and Tristian scores the fourth place prize.

Final three is Dan, Todd and Adam. Todd makes a move first pushing all in with JT and Dan calls with KQ. Unfortunately for Todd the board doesn't run in his favour, with a king on the turn sealing his fate in 3rd place.

Final hand Adam is all in with Q2 of spades up against Dan with A7. The flop comes T67 with a spade, and the turn bringing in a flush draw to make sure there was a sweat for the 2k. With the river bricking out, Dan holds on to take out the tourney.