Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ray eliminates all opposition

A slow start with only 22 players starting but we got up to 24 players playing for a total cash pool of $2300 which is a little less than previous weeks, but we had some monster hands and one of the years biggest bad beats so far!

Lets start with this years biggest bad beat!

3 way all in, Peter has 6 8d, Danny A 9 and Albie who was our chip leader so far with J 9,  everyone's all in on the flop which is A 9d 5d, turns another A giving Danny his nut boat however the rivers a 7d giving Peter a straight flush and Danny's bounty.

Tonight's Action only paid to 4th giving Greg our prestigious bubble title and 5th place and taking away 3 bounty's on the way.

Peter was out in 4th giving him $190 and 4 bounties.

Down to our final 3 and Jason is forced all in with 4 9 and Martin calls with K J, flops comes 10 K 3, turns a 7 and rivers a 5 knocking Jason out in 3rd giving him $325 and 3 bounties.

Final 2 and Martin and Ray do a deal, spitting $600 each leaving $198 to play for .  Ray pushes with 10 10 and Martin calls with J 4, flop comes 4 Q 10 giving Ray trips, turns a k and the river a 4.  Martin out in 2nd taking away $600 and also 5 bounties as well.  Ray taking away 1st prize, $798 and 2 bounties.

A great night of poker with a few new players joining in.