Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Timaru Terminators Take out Wednesday Tournament

What a night of poker!  It was action packed and full of energy the whole night!

We started with only 24 players tonight but those 24 players had a total prize pool of $2202 plus $600 in bounties up for grabs!  67 Addons and 47 Rebuys in total meaning there was a lot of action!

Gregg was our bubble tonight out in 5th and Jason taking out 4th, $220 plus $50 in bounties.

final 3 and Martin's forced in with 6 5, Adrian again playing loose calls with K 4, flop comes 10 Q J turns a 10 and rivers a 4 giving Adrian a pair of 4s and Martin out in 3rd taking away $375 plus 2 bounties giving him $425 for the night.

Final 2 heads up and both travelling as far as Timaru to join us.  The looser player of the 2 Adrian was well in front most of this battle but, Trent doubled up a few times and then final hand pushes all in with Ac 4c up against Adrian with 10 5, flop comes Q K 9, turns an A and the river a Q giving Trent the over all win with his A.

Adrian not disappointed takes $615 plus 4 bounties and Trent takes top prize of $992 plus 3 bounties away.  That's a total of $1882 for the Timaru boy's to take home.

A great night of poker for Timaru, and They'll Be Back!!!