Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Big Wednesday

We had 29 entries to the Weekly Wednesday 6-Max this week, the prizepool was just under $2,300.

We paid down to 5th this week, the lucky/skilled 5 this week were; Elliot, Clyde, Levi, Matt and Ray.

5th place went home with Matt. After losing the majority of his stack, Matt was sitting on two BB, on the BB. Matt got called by Elliot (UTG) and Levi on the SB. Matt had 96 up against J8 and A8. K 4 7 Q J, all the rounds were checked down and 9 high (like a boss) wasn't good enough for Matt this time.

Next to take a prize home was Elliot, he went up against Ray pre-flop with A2 vs KT. A big hand had taken its toll on Elliot's stack and he was left with just over 20k. K 7 7 J 8 came out on the board and Elliot got sent packing.

Levi managed to make it to the $$$ on his 1st tournament and ended up taking home 3rd place. In his final hand he was taken out by Clyde with a pair of Q's. Levi with A6 and Clyde with QT on a 4 3 8 Q 7  board. Nice effort Levi!

Ray and Clyde played it out heads up for around 20mins until the crucial hand. No action pre-flop except a call for the SB and a check on BB. The fop came out T Q 9 and Clyde pushed all-in... Ray was pretty pleased to flop 2 pair and he called. Ray had Q9 in the hole vs Clyde's J4. Turn and river came 2 7 (dodging Clyde's open-ender) and Ray's two pair were more than enough to win him the 1st.

Ray also won a bonus pair of Dunedin Casino socks to help him run good in future tournaments.