Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mid Week Bounties @ the Weekly Wednesday 6-Max

Craig R with his winning hand + Bounties

This week we had 21 Players in our Weekly Wednesday 6-Max. We had some bonus Bounty Bars for the later knockouts in the tournament.

Top 4 this week came down to; Craig R, Eva, Charlotte and Brendan.

In fourth place this week was Charlotte, she pushed with AQ and got a call with K3. The board was not as forgiving, two pair on the flop for Brendan made the pursuit less likely. K 3 J 4 8, two pair held up for Brendan.

Craig managed a triple up when got called twice with a low Ace and managed to hit trips on the river.

After a couple of swings in chips, Eva was left with just over a BB, she pushed all in on her SB, Craig called. Eva had 85 against Craig's T3. Eva flopped a gutshot straight and got it on the turn... Cruelly Craig scored a straight a point higher with a 9 on the river. Community cards: 7 9 7 6 8.

A small deal was made to boost up 2nd place. Neither player would miss a chance for some live heads-up play, Brendan and Craig played it out for the glory. In the Final hand, Brendan called Craig's BB. Craig was not allowing limps this round and raised to 27k (just under 4x), Brendan tested the water and pushed all-in, snap call from Craig. KT up against Craig's AQ, Ace on the flop and the rest is history. A 6 9 8 9.

Well done to all those who cashed this week (and those who won bounty bars).