Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Top Chris Playoff

Chris K with somebody Russian behind him.

Tonight we had 27 Entries and a Pot of $2,300.

Final table took a long time to start this week, yet a very short time to finish.

The top five this week were; Dan H, Martin, Chris R, Chris K and Chris S.

Chris K did an unconventional knockout against Martin. Chris and Martin had their cards up pre-flop, pocket 2's vs A3. Instead of the pocket 2's struggling to keep the lead, they managed to score a four card flush on the turn! 3 J T Q 3. Martin hit trips on the river just to rub it in.

Next up we had Chris K doing more hard work for the table, Dan called the push with a short stack. Chris with AQ, Dan with JT. We had K 5 Q J 4 as the community, Chris' Pair of Queens was good to take the pot.

At this stage we were down to three Chris' (bound for cannibalism). The first showdown between the Chris' happened when Chris S got his shove called by Chris K. Shum (possibly not after the call) had  5 against A8. The flop didn't look good for Chris... T A J, a 5 on the turn held hope, just a blank 9 on the river was not what Shum was searching for.

Heads up play was between Chris R and Chris K. Just like the whole of final table this week, heads up was a quick game. The two made a deal which secured 2nd place with a value both players would have been happy to have taken home. After a few blind shoves and yoyoing of chip stacks, we got down to the final hand;Chris R with 53 and Chris K with pocket 4's. Nobody hit on the flop, turn or river and 4's held up for Chris K. Board: Q T 8 6 9.

Thanks to everyone for the nice turnout, good banter and friendly atmosphere as usual.