Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Good Welcome Back for Will!

Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament Winner

The second weekly Wednesday for 2017 had a slower start but still had three tables running from pretty much the start.

The prize pool this evening was just over $1,800 and was divided among the final four players.

In the money tonight was Will S., Karl R., Greg S., and Chris K. It was good to see Chris and Will again, it had been a while since they last played.

Will had accumulated quite a stack during the tournament and used it to accumulate many more pots. Though he was also getting good cards as well, which helped.

Karl came in 4th this evening up against Will. Karl had J10 and Will K10, the board did nothing for either of them and Will's K held.

Greg, Will and Chris continued for a while, noone willing to risk their stack. Eventually Greg was all-in with A6 and Will was also in with Q10. A Q on the flop put Will in the lead and another Q on the river solidified it for him. And Greg unfortunately came in 3rd.

Chris and Will were to go head to head, and after a short while of heads up play, Chris was able to take some of Will's chips but it didn't seem to make much difference. After betting pretty steadily all the way, Will went all in on the river, and Chris called. The board was 8 6 9 10 10. Chris had another 10 to give him the set, but Will had the achieved a Club flush on the turn and had him beat. Well done!

Thank you everyone who came tonight, and join us next Wednesday for our next tournament. Also keep an eye out for the first Deepstack of 2017! Date to be confirmed.