Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Biggest Prizepool of the Year!

Tonight we has a total of 29 Players in our Weekly Wednesday 6-Max, the prizepool reached a juicy $2,822.

The lucky (and good) final five were: Chris R, Pete, Tumua, Will and Martin. Final table was a bit later this week due to the amount in chips in play.

Tumua took out 5th place and was sent home by Will, A7 vs T9 all-in pre. Just a pair of 6's on the table and the Ace high held up for Will.

Next out with 4th place was Pete. Despite being the nicest player on the table, he had been putting on the pressure for other players with some brave over bets for most of the tournament. Chris was the one to send him home, Chris with A3, Pete KQ, 2 9 6 4 7 on the board.

Last week's winner Will took home 3rd place. He was unlucky to run into Martin's bullets short handed. Martin had everyone's favorite hand AA, Will had A7. There were no flushes or 7's on the board for Will, 2 J 2 4 6.

Heads up was between Chris and Martin. Both players were happy with the remaining prizepool, they split it up and flipped blind for the change. After a couple of exchanges of chips, Martin won with an A6.

Well done to all those who cashed and thanks to everyone for a great turnout and exciting prizepool, a nice start to the year.