Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bumper start to the year!

Dunedin Casino Texas Hold'em Tournament
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The first tournament for 2017 and it was a big one!

We had three table before the tournament commenced and it was full before the first break, which did mean that one keen player had to miss out. The prize pool though was over $2,300!

It did take a long time to reach the money, but eventually there could only be five left. With Chris S., Mok H., Chris R., David vdL. and Brendan N.

After lots of hands, a couple blind levels, and a few all in situations which saw Brendan lose most of his stack to Mok and then build it back up, we found our fifth place in David.

David went all-in with AJ, to which Brendan raised all-in with J10 and Mok called with Q8. The board came K564Q. It gave Mok a pair but Brendan a flush  which gave him a chance to increase his stack again.

Shortly after, Brendan lost most of his stack again to Chris S. this time, but this time he couldn't get it back. All-in against Mok who had A5. Brendan's Q7 couldn't hold up with the board giving Mok two-pair. So Brendan finished in fourth place.

The two Chris's went head to head for third. Chris S. was lead pre with AK and Chris R. KJ. Chris R. paired on the flop however, and held on to that lead until the end.

Heads up was Chris R. and Mok. After about 10 minutes of heads-up play Chris pushes all-in and Mok calls after a slight deliberation. Chris has J5 and Mok A4, the board of 6 8 3 7 10 did nothing for either of them so Mok's A held to take it out.

It took us a while to find our first winner for 2017 but congratulations to Mok! It was worth the wait.

We have lots of great tournaments planned for this coming year, so keep an eye out on the blog and on Facebook to stay up-to-date.

See you next week!