Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Short and Sweet

We had a modest 13 turn up to this weeks Wednesday 6-max Tournament. With quite a few rebuys and addons, we still got a prize pool of over $1000.
It was quick to make a final table.

Of the final table, we paid the top 3. They were Eva L, Dan H and Martin K.

Eva was the first to bite the dust, going all-in preflop with 9-8(d), Martin called with pocket 4's. Nothing showed on the board (2-7-K-J-5) so the pair of 4's held.

At heads-up, Dan goes all-in with A-2. Martin called and had A-9. Board was 3-9-5-Q-6 and Martin's pair of 9's were good enough to take out Dan and take the tournament "W".

Thanks to all those that played and congratz to our winners.

Join us next week, same time, same place.