Wednesday, June 21, 2017

His to Win

28 players and a prize pool of $2,100.

Top five got paid this week: Todd, Chris S, Henry, Greg and Danny.

Danny pushed for 10k and got the call from Chris. Danny with KK against QT. Danny flopped his set, Chris turned his straight, no boats on the river. Community cards: A K 4 J Q.

Next to get it all in against Chris was Todd, he pushed all in for 32k. Todd with A5 vs A9. The flop J 3 3, the turn paired Todd, the river out paired Todd with a 9. A 3 3 5 9.

Chris raised UTG to 18k, Harry called shy of the full amount. 8T up against 44. A ten in the window left Harry in need of a 4... No such 4 arrived.. J T 3 9 8, Chris winning with two pair, Harry taking 3rd.

Greg and Chris played it out heads up. Chris had a chip lead of around 40:1, despite this, some surprisingly chaotic hands:

Greg was all but all in on the BB 6/8k chips. Chris Pushed him all in for his last chips, Chris with J5, Greg holding 98. Greg flopped a pair on the flop, rivered two pair and finally flopped a boat on the 7 Q 9 8 9 board.

the next action we had was Greg pushing on the SB with K2, called by Chris with 44. 3 A K T 2 gave Greg two pair and around 30k chips.

Chris pushed, Greg calls, A3 vs KQ. The flop gave Chris an open ender, the turn a seven high straight, the river an 8 high straight (Counterfeit split). 4 5 7 6 8.

Greg pushed into Chris with 95, some time passed, Chris made a loose call with KK. T J 2 K 6, dead on the turn.

Well done to Chris on a dominating the tournament, also to Greg for staying in the chase until the end!