Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Heads up Battle

22 players and a prizepool of $1,900 this week with 370k tournament chips in play.

In the top four we had: Mau, Kieran, Danny and Josh B.

After the bubble top 4 played it out for around 20 minutes before 4th place was claimed. Danny and Kieran saw the flop without any aggression pre.  Danny bet out the min on a 7 8 9 board, he was raised all in by Kieran, Danny called. Danny was holding the nut straight (JT) up against Kieran with top pair (93). Without a runner runner, Kieran took home 4th place.

Josh found himself on the SB with a 2BB stack and pushed with 96 in the hole. Mau on the BB called him with 42. Mau hit his two in the window and it held up against Josh. Community: 7 J 2 Q A.

Danny and Mau played out heads up for the best part of an hour. About 30 mins in, the two found themselves equally stacked and made a deal. The two were still playing it out for the glory and the extra $125. Danny bet out for $30K and was confronted by an all-in, Danny called. On the board we had 9 7 5 with two spades. Danny had A2 (suited in spades), Mau had T5 (pair of 5s). A queen came out on the turn, it was followed by an Ace on the river. Danny takes it out with a pair of Aces.

Well done to all who cashed this week, also a thank you to everybody who came and played this week.