Wednesday, June 7, 2017

PLO Takes out Hold'em

18 Players playing it out for their share of $1400.

The final four this week were: Alex, Gary, Miguel and Matt.

Miguel pushed for $21,000 on the SB with J9 and was called by Alex (big stack) with 98 on the BB. A A 3 on the flop. A seven on the turn gave Alex a second pair to the boarded Aces. The Queen on the river was of no use to Miguel.

Our final three players this week just happened to all be Dunedin PLO ambassadors. Hold'em, perhaps not the favorite game but they managed to Hold their own.

Alex pushed into Gary with 98 and got Called by AJ. Alex flopped an open ender with 6 4 7 on the flop. Gary paired up with a Jack on the turn. A duck on the river had no consequence, Gary sends Alex home with 3rd place.

Matt and Gary played it out heads up for a few hands before the final. Matt pushed all in pre with KT, action went to Gary who made the call with A7 in the hole. The board came out low with 5 2 5 6 4. Gary took out 1st with an Ace kicker to the pair of 5's on the board.