Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Roy #1

$1,400 in the pot with a total of 16 players this week.

We had Ray, Chris R and Gavin in the top three.

Ray had lost the majority of his stack in the previous hand to Chris and was left with a stack of 10k. Ray went all in blind for his 10k stack and Chris called. Ray turned over 7 4 off and Chris had A7 in Spades. The flop came out J T 2 (all spades)...... Bad luck Ray. Chris flopped the Nut flush and Ray was dead before the turn. A and a Q on the turn and river.

Heads up was between Chris and Gavin, Chris being the big stack. Gavin pushed with A2 on his SB and got called off by Chris with J5 in Diamonds. Gavin's flopped a pair of 2's (9 K 2). The turn blanked with a 3 and the much anticipated river delivered Chris his Jack! Bad luck Gavin.