Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Big Win for Peasant Poker!

Tonight we had 24 players.  Some solid action during the rebuy period lead to a solid pot of just under $2,100.

Top 4 got paid, we had: Alex, Mau, Ray and Gary as our finalists.
Alex was the one to send home 4th place. Ray holding J9, Alex with KQ. A King on the river sealed the deal.

Mau called Gary's push, 8 6 up against QT. 6 3 9 T J on the board and Mau overtakes Gary on the turn and holds up.

Alex and Mau played out heads-up without a deal. Mau climbed his way up to 100k chips against roughly 200k in Alex's stack. Final hand: Alex limped in pre-flop, Mau raised to 25k, Alex raised all-in, Mau called. Alex with A6, Mau holding KQ. community cards: 8 2 6 T J. Nicely played out Alex!