Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ray Slays

Top 3 got paid this week and they shared a prize pool of $1,500. Our winners were; Sam, Chris and Ray.

Sam raised to 15k and was met with a raise by Josh when he pushed all-in. Sam made the call and revealed KK up against A7. Josh flopped an under pair on a low board: 5 7 3, an 8 on the turn and a King on the river were of no help to Josh, giving Sammy a set of Kings.

The hand which decided 3rd was a wee bit hard to believe... No raises pre-flop, Chris checks, Sammy checks, Ray shoves the flop and Chris pushes for 40k on a board of: J J 6. Sammy calls for the full amount. Chris has J 6 (boat), Sammy has J 8 (three of a kind) and Ray has A2 (over card). Turn comes out an Ace which gives Ray two pair. River was as dangerous for Chris and Sam as it possibly could be..... Another Ace!!! Ray manages to sneak through and snags the best of the 3 boats on the river (Aces over Jacks).

Image provided by Chris S

Sammy and Ray decide to play the rest out blind and they both shove in the dark pre-flop. Sammy had 4 2 in hearts, Ray had J 9 in spades. Two spades on the board plus two over cards was a friendly flop for Ray. A Ten on the turn also gives Ray an open-ender. 3 of spades on the river secured Ray the flush and the victory! Well done Ray.