Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Robbing the Competition

We had quite the modest turnout with 15 players this week, 1st place still left with over $600.

The field condensed to out top 3 of: Alex, Ray and Robert.

Ray and Alex both got it in on the flop with one pair and a jack kicker on a board of: 8 3 A 5 2. Alex's pair of 8's was still good by the river.

Heads up was between Robert and Alex. The two played it out for around 15 mins until the final play. Robert got it all in on the turn, Alex with J 3 and Robert holding A6,  J A 8 2 7 on the board. Robert with a pair of Aces, he was called by Alex with 2nd pair (J). Without a Jack or three for Alex, Robert's Ace held up.

Nicely played Rob!