Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Noel Takes Out #1

We had 16 players and a prizepool of $1,400  this week.

Our three cash finalists were: Gary, Noel and Ray.

Gary pushed with AQ, Ray was sitting in wait and called with KK. We had 3 T 6 2 5 on the board, Ray dodged the Ace and Kings held up.

Noel and Ray played out head's up over three blind levels. Chip stacks yoyoed and chip leader switched a couple of times. By the end there was around 30 BB's in play. Noel pushed pre ad was called by Ray; A5 vs J7. The community cards were:  T 2 2 2 Q. Nobody hit the board for the final hand but at least both players hit trips! Well done Noel, taking it out with his Ace high playing.