Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Sweet Taste of Pineapple Victory

This weekend was full of excitement at Dunedin Casino as we launched Crazy Pineapple for the first time in New Zealand.

18 eager players turned up for the New Zealand Crazy Pineapple Poker Championship. With a prize-pool of almost $4,000 the stakes were high.

The competition was slow and steady and we had our final table after about four hours. Top three were paid. They were Aaron M, Alex M and Josh B.

Aaron was short stack as he went all in with A-4-? Josh called with K-K-? Board was 10-7-6-7-A and with Aaron rivering top 2-pair, he got a nice double-up.

After losing out on a few big pots, Alex went all-in post-flop with J(c)-8(c)-? Josh called holding 9-6-? With q-4(c)-9(c)-3-K on the board, Alex missed his flush and Josh's pair of 9's was enough to stay in the game. Alex still took home 3rd place prize, a Crazy Pineapple T-shirt and a golden pineapple.

Josh was next to go all-in with Q-A-? (suited). Aaron called with 10-10-? Board was 3-7-6-J-J so Aaron's 2-pair won him the tournament and first ever Crazy Pineapple Championship in NZ. He also took away with him the trophy and some pineapple souvenirs. Well done.