Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Play it Out Blind!

Dunedin Casino Poker Texas Holdem Weekly Wednesday 6-Max

20 players playing it out for a share of $1,666 this week.

Those who made it to the cash were; Dan H, Josh B, Ray Wang and Daniel P.

Josh shoved pre and was called by Daniel P. Five blanks on the board; 6 9 Q 5 6. AK held up for Josh and he sent Daniel home with 4th place. Dan H dodged a bullet this hand when he folded AT on the BB.

Dan pushed UTG as the small stack with QJ and was called by Ray with K9 off  "the mutt". A suspiciously low flop let Ray's K high sneak through and take the pot. Board: 7 3 2 4 3.

Heads up we had Ray and Josh B. Chips started about 60:40 in Ray's favor but within 4 hands the chips had moved between the two just as many times. Ray was left with around a 10th of the chips in play and went all in blind and was called by Josh before the cards hit the table. Q J K 3 7 were the community cards but the hole cards stayed down for suspense..... Both players turned over a Jack.. Ray had a 6 to go with it, Josh had more ink in the hole and turned over a Queen to take out 1st place (2nd time in as many visits).