Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Impeccably Timed Rockets.

With a moderate turnout this week, we had a prize pool of $1,550.

Chris R, Greg, Gavin and Martin were our top four finalists this week, all taking home ca$h.

Gavin went all in with around 8 BB's and KJ in the hole. He was called by Martin with AJ in diamonds. A low board dodged everyone's hole cards: 9 6 6 T 3. Martin takes the pot and knockout with Ace high.

Chris pushed into Greg's shorter stack with K9 and put Greg all-in with his AT. Greg flopped top and bottom and Chris flopped a guttie; T Q A. Turn came out a Queen which didn't change anything.. The river filled the hole and completed Chris' straight with a Jack.

Heads up we had Martin and Chris R playing it out. Funnily enough, it only lasted one hand!!! Chris on the SB, Martin on the BB. Chris limped the extra 4,000, Martin checked. Flop paired martin up and he Barreled the flop with an all-in and was called down by Chris. T5 up against AA with 5 6 K on the board. An 8 on the turn and again on the river finished up the tournament.

Nicely played Chris!