Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bullets do the Real Damage.

25 Players and a prize pool over $2,100 for those who ventured out in the rain this evening.

Alex, Gary, Josh and Sammy were our cash winners this week.

Heads up was between Sammy and Josh.

The penultimate hand of the tournament saw some sneaky play and both players with two pair on the flop, here's how it went down...Very close stacks, Blinds 6,000 - 12,000 and Sammy on the SB. Sammy min raised to 24k and was carefully called by Josh. Flop comes out 3 3 7, Sammy bets half his stack, Josh retaliates with an all in, Sammy calls. Sam had hit top pair  with T7 in the hole, Josh turned over a pair of bullets (over pair) which he had been hiding away. The turn and river were 2 8. Sammy was left with a 12k stack.

Sammy was all in on the BB the next hand with A8 of Diamonds and Josh called with JT off-suit. Josh hit the Ten in the window. Turn and river were no help for Sammy, only delivering rags. Community cards: 5 T 7 3 6.

Nicely played Josh!

Thank you to all who ventured out on this puddle of an evening, as always an entertaining night and good banter all round.