Wednesday, April 5, 2017


This Wednesday we had 23 players show up to battle for the 2k prize pool.

Josh, Gavin, Alex and Sammy were tonights top four players.

Josh had a relatively small stack compared to the other three and pushed all in with J 7, everyone folded except Gavin who as big blind was calling all day. Gavin holding T 4 hit his ten on the turn holding to knock Josh out.

Alex is next to go all in double suited pre with K 6, Gavin holding Q J suited has another reasonably easy decision to call. 8 3 7 3 5 on the board, a pair of threes with a king kicker is good for Alex.

Final two, Alex is dealt pocket 8's and gets it all in pre, Sammy has a count of his chips and calls with A 9,  the final board is 8 Q 3 7 T , Alex flops a set and scores another win for the year.