Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Flushing The Competition

The Tournament filled out with two tables and 20 entrants this week. The prizepool sat just under $2,000.

Top 4 this week went to; Pete, Chris S, Martin and Tai.

Martin called a push from Pete with very close stacks. Hole cards: Pete 52, Martin A7. The board came out 3 K T 6 K. It was revealed how close the stacks were after a count ($100 change for Pete).

All in for a partial Ante', Pete got isolation from Tai holding KQ(sp) against K3. Tai flopped a flush, Pete tried his best to catch up (to no avail), hitting two pair on the turn. (3 J A(sp)) K 2.

Chris pushed UTG for 111k chips, Tai pushed for 50k on the SB, Martin folds 77's on the BB. Hole cards: Tai 99, Chris K8(cl). The flop came out; 6(cl) 7 A (Martin did not regret his fold too long), Turned 2(cl), River J(cl). Chris knocks out 3rd place with the 2nd nuts.

Chris and Martin exchanged a few blinds sizing each other up. Final hand: Chris called the BB for 12k, Martin checked. 2 (6 5(sp)) came out on the board, Martin pushed, Chris called. Martin held 10 5(middle pair), Chris had 98 in spades (flush draw). The turn delivered a Queen... And do did the River... A Queen of spades!  Another flush, another knockout. Well played!