Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Winter Wightout

We had a modest turnout this week (snow). Top 3 were paid a stake of $1275.

Peter went head to head pre with Greg, Peter A7, Greg J9. The board ran out without hitting any hole cards, sending Greg home as the bubble this week. 4 3 K T 8.

Peter had been building up his stack for a couple of hands. Peter seeked blood from Ray, who had stolen a BB off Peter earlier (an important BB).  Peter pushed pre-flop with K4, Ray called with the hand which cannot lose, 22. Flop came out 7 7 2! The King on the turn gave a sweat for Ray, promptly ended by an Ace on the river.

Ray and Todd were the top two this week. Todd had made an epic climb from 4BB's around an hour earlier, he now stood the big stack. The first heads-up hand was the final hand. Ray pushed on the Button with Q9, he got called by Todd with 77. The board flopped a pair of 6's, T 6 6. The turn paired the board once more when another Ten came out. The river was an anticlimactic 3.

Thanks to everybody who made it this week!