Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Bountiful afternoon at Dunedin Casino

It was an awesome turnout for our Easter Deep-stack Bounty Tournament today, with 23 players all eager to claim the prize and all the bounties. A slow and steady tournament as people were playing to stay in as long as possible.

Hand of the Day went to Kirby as she shoved all-in with K-J(h) against a pair of 7s. She scooped the pot with a Royal Flush on the turn.

The final table was again, steady and cautious. But our final four were Charlotte B, Ryan H, Alex M and Danny W.

Charlotte was the first knocked out with her pocket 4s against Alex's A-Q. With A-9-5-J-9, Alex's 2-Pair were enough to take out his opponent and claim her Bounty. Charlotte still had a couple of bounties under her belt though, so she didn't leave empty-handed.

Alex was the next to go, all-in with A-2 against Ryan's pocket Js. The Js held with just a pair of 8s showing on the board. Alex left with a fairly nice third place prize but also had 8 bounties (the most obtained for the day).

At Heads-up, Ryan shoves all-in with Q-7, Danny calls with A-4. A flop of A-10-9 shows promise to Danny, but 7 on the turn and Q on the river seals his fate and Danny walks away in 2nd. Ryan claims the victory as well as 6 bounties. Congratulations.

Classics V continues on Wednesday with a guaranteed prize pool of $2000 and bonus points up for grabs.