Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Brit took it out.

What an awesome turnout we had for the Thursday Turbo Tournament. 30 people - including a number of newcomers - turned up to play. With three full tables at one point, it was looking like it would be a good tournament. We had a number of international visitors playing as well with a group of people from France as well as a few from London.

Top five were paid this time, and our final table consisted of Lydia N, Robert M, Tumua I, Chris A and Sam C.

Sam was the first out, all-in with 10-9o against Lydia's pocket Ks. Three 5s on the board gave Lydia the boat and Sam went out in 5th place.

Tumua was the next to go all-in. With K-10o, Robert calls with pocket 7s. The board shows 9-9-Q-J and Tumua's straight was looking good, a 7 on the river made Robert's boat and Tumua was out.

With Lydia all-in for less than the big blind, everyone had called. Her K-10 was no match for Chris' 4-2 as the board was 2-2-8-3-A. This guaranteed newcomer London boy Chris in the top two and Lydia settles for 3rd.

It was long into Heads-up before both Robert and Chris were both all-in. Chris had A-10 and Robert had pocket Ks. Board 2-A-4-7-5 gave Chris a pair of aces and the tournament win. Congrats to him and thanks to all those who came and played.