Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Deck does requests... If only the Players knew what to ask for...

Dunedin Casino Poker $2000 Guaranteed Will

Tonight we had 24 Players turn out for the weekly Wednesday $2000 guarantee Tournament.

Top four got paid out this week. The final five were, Will, Mark, Damien, Karl and Greg.

Mark went out on the bubble with AT vs QQ. There was a bubble deal among the players, so he didn't go home empty handed.

Next home, in fourth place was Damien. He found himself short stacked and out of time. He went all in with Q8 and got called by Karl with KQ. 4 6 7 3 Q on the board, not the card Damien wanted to hit on the river.

There was quite a bit of play three handed. Here are a few hands in sequence:

Karl had found himself short stack, around 8k chips, after getting unlucky the previous hand, to Greg. He was all in blind, Greg called his bet to try finish him off. Karl ended up being ahead with his blind hand, A3 vs QK. 5 2 9 4 8, a double up for Karl and he is back in the game (still a major short stack).

Karl managed to work his way back up to around $45k, through pushing all in and stealing blinds. Eventually the blinds fight back and Will calls him. Karl A9 and Will with AT, the flop came out with three hearts, the turn delivered a fourth, giving Karl the nut flush to his Ace. 6 7 2 4 J.

 A seemingly dead board got Greg all in against Karl on the turn, T 5 8 3, both players had two pair, Karl had T3 and Greg had 53. Greg called for a three on the river to give him a full house..... and BOOM!! He got it. A slight lapse of judgment, forgetting that the three would give Karl a bigger full house. Should have asked for a five. Bad luck Greg.

 A few hands into heads up between Will and Karl: Will bets 20k pre and Karl goes all in, Will calls. QQ vs Karl's A7. T 5 9 4 with three hearts came out, Karl calls for a fourth Heart.. once again the deck is delivering on requests with a J of Hearts.. It was a pitty for Karl that Will got a larger flush on the river.

The final hand wasn't very eventful. Will was all in against Karl's short stack, A4 vs J7. Will got a pair of fours on the flop, and it held up. 4 Q 3 9 5.

A special mention to Chris who managed to sneak into the final table, he survived the previous hand all in for an ante six way with a $100 chip!

Thanks everyone for a great tournament.