Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Where There's a Will, There's a Way!

Quite a small Wednesday Classic Tournament this week, only 17 players. More of you should have shown up, you missed out on some food platters!

On final table, both Jeremy and Sammy did double knockouts! Jeremy busted out Chris S and Gary T. Sammy busted out Jason C and Marc N.

Anyway, the top 4 decided to pay out the bubble, with the top 4 being
Will S, Jeremy P, Sammy C and Andrew A.

Will bets $8K and Andrew goes all in with KJ, Will calls holding AJ. Board is 7-2-7-T-2. Will knocks out Andrew with 2 pair, A kicker.

Next of the knockouts, Will and Jeremy are at the flop, board so far is A-7-5, with 2 of the cards being hearts. Will bets $32K and Jeremy ships for about $3K more, instant call from Will. Jeremy rolls over JJ and Will rolls Q8 hearts. Turn gives us a 4, not hearts. Jeremy still ahead. On the river we get T of hearts... Will busts Jeremy with a flush!

By this time, Sammy has made a major comeback, down to around $3K earlier on the final table, he is now heads up with Will. Preflop, Sammy bets $12K, Will calls. Flop is 7-2-T, both check, turn is an 8. Will bets $12K, Sammy shoves, Will calls it. Will shows 96 and Sammy shows 85. Sammy is dead as Will has the straight, 6-T. Well done Sammy for the awesome comeback and well done Will for winning the tournament!