Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Early Lead Holds

Dunedin Casino Weekly Wednesday Texas Holdem Poker Brendan Ng Tournament
Tonight we had 17 players and a prizepool just over $1,500 in the $30 entry, with $20 R&A tournament.

Ronnie managed to survive a couple of all-in moments throughout the tournament. He flew under the radar with his short stack, finishing in third.  Once the cash finish was secured, he was all in against Carl, Q6 vs Carl's A3 (Hearts). Two hearts came on the flop, J 4 5, turn a King, to Ronnie's initial delight, a Queen came on the river, sadly for him.. It was a heart.

Heads up lasted only a couple of hands. Brendan went all-in against a min raise, from the small blind. Carl called reluctantly, holding T3. Brendan had shoved with AT. The flop was far from ideal for Brendan, with a 3 in the window, accompanied by a 2 and a 9. Turn came a 5. River completed Brendan's wheel with a 4!!

A well deserved win for Brendan, holding chip lead, since before the first break. Also a well done to Carl, finishing second on his first Wednesday.