Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weekly Wednesday Tournament: Chad The Champion!

Not bad of a turnout for the Weekly Wednesday Tournament with 21 players total.
Our top 4 places went to Brendan N, Gary T, Chad M and Greg S.

4th place goes to Gary, whose stack has been whittled down to just over a small blind. He goes all in with A4 and gets called by Greg with 99, Brendan folds but shows us 55. On the flop we get 5-9-2. Putting Greg in the lead with a set. All players mention it could have been a huge pot if Brendan had stayed until the flop... For the turn we get a 6. Gary looking for a 3 for the gutshot. Not so lucky though, a 7 on the river and Gary out on 4th.

Brendan is down to 1.5 big blinds and decides to shove. No one wants to call, so he effectively doubles up with SB and antes.

Chad goes all in with KT and Brendan calls with K5. Board comes out 2-3-4-T-A so Brendan hits the straight and doubles up again!

Few hands later Greg holding 2.5 BB shoves with 94 suited (The Peasant's favourite popping up again ...), Chad thinks quickly but calls with A4. Flop gets dealt out 5-3-5. Turn comes out a Q and river a 4. Chad busts out Greg with 2 pair, 5's and 4's, getting him with his A high kicker.

The final hand of the night, Chad goes all in with T9, Brendan sits and thinks... He calls with JT. The flop is dealt out Q-6-K. For the turn we get a 7. Final card for the tournament, out comes a J, giving Chad the straight and first place! Well done!

A reminder again, each Weekly Wednesday tournament up to and including the the tournament on the 13/07 will have tickets for a draw to win a seat to the deepstack tournament on the 16/07. To get a ticket all you need to do is play on Wednesdays and be a clubmember. Refer to this link for more details.