Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ace Marks the Spot!

With the Classic V tournament finished up we are running a tournament on Wednesdays with a different blind structure which has proved to be popular and rebuys and add ons are $20! Not bad for a Wednesday.

21 players turned up tonight for a slice of the prize pool which fetched just under 2K. The prizes were split in to 4. Dan, Jason, Ben and Mark were the final 4 and as good as he is, Dan couldn't hold on and took away 4th prize.

Next to go was Jason. His 9 8 off was not good enough for Ben's J 8. That's because the community looked like this.. 9 5 7 J 7.

Heads up now between Ben and Mark. Chips were going back and forth like a tennis ball on a long rally run in a cup final.

When the rally was near ending mark had the bigger stack. An all in raise from Ben with Q 5 seen Mark snap call with A 7. Both standing eager to see the flop. Out comes J 2 J. With hearts now racing and anxiety creeping in we see a turn. Boom it's an A. Nothing can save Ben now and Mark is crowned the winner when a 3 is rivered.

Thank you to all that played and congratulations to the final 4.