Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ryan Hunts out First in the Final

Dunedin casino poker tournament classic v Ryan Hunter

Congratulations to Tim, Ryan, Evalyn, Alex and Chris for taking home a piece of the $6000 in our classic final.

When we got down to the final five Evalyn was the first to make a move shoving her small stack with A8, Tim called with pocket J's. Flop was JT4 followed by a 3 then 4.  Tim knocks Evalyn out and we are down to four.

About an hour of play with four players Alex's good run was about to end, Ryan all in with KT against Alex AJ.  The board comes 9QJ29 and Ryan doubles up leaving Alex with 6k.  Very next hand Alex is all in with Q2 and Chris calls with J7.  Chris rivers a straight and sends Alex packing.

Tim shoves all in with 65, Ryan snaps with TT, the board is 6JAJ5  and Tim takes off with third place.

Down to Chris and Ryan with Ryan holding most of the chips.  Chris gets a double up to keep him in the game a bit longer before pushing all in with K4 of diamonds.  Ryan calls with AJ and we get 96J64 but not enough diamonds to keep Chris in the game.

Congratulations to Ryan for taking out the coveted bracelet and the tasty first prize (just under $3k)!