Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Dunedin Casino Poker Classic Chris Shum $ugar $hum $2000 holdem tournament

Tonight was the final qualifying round of the Dunedin Casino Poker Classic - Series V.  A shorter field but still 17 players here to maintain or improve their standings, as well as take advantage of the $2000 guarantee.

Top three this week were: Chris R, Chris S, and Michael with $1,000, $600 and $400 up for grabs.

Chris R went out in 3rd.  His all in was called by $ugar $hum.  Q9 vs A10. J 4 J 6 7 and nobody hit the board so Chris' A10 was good.

Michael and Chris then went head to head and within a few minutes Michael was all in with Chris calling.  K7 against QJ and the board came out: 8 10 2 A... and a friendly Queen on the river pushed the pot towards the monster stack, $ugar $hum.

So Chris takes out the final Classic qualifier and on about the 10th go we finally got a photo worthy of instagram, or at least for replacing an old profile pic:p


And so concludes the 5th season of the Dunedin Casino Classic.  By making the final table Michael G had enough points to take a seat in the final Saturday week.

The only other noteworthy ranking change tonight was Will taking 100 points for making the final table and finishing the season in first place narrowly overtaking Ryan by a slim margins, well done Will.

Tonight's tournament marks the end of the Season, leaving just the repechage this Saturday and the Grand Final Saturday Week.  The players qualifying for each are as follows:

Both tournaments will commence dealing to stacks, but any player failing to take their seat by the end of the first level, may be disqualified!  (Do yourself a favour and if you are going to be late, pick up the phone and let us know.  The Pit Boss's ddi is 4700913)

Otherwise, congratulations to everyone who made the Final, and all the best to those in the repechage this Saturday.