Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday's Free to Enter Tourney

We had 16 entrants in our Thursday Free-to-Enter Turbo Tournament. Top three were paid. They were Kent S, Damien L and Reihara P, who is fairly new to Dunedin Casino poker scene.

First to get knocked out was Damien. All-in with A-9, Reihara calls with Q-10. With a board of 6-7-J-4-10, Rei took out Damien with a pair of 10s.

After a few bad beats, Rei was fairly low in chips. His big blind put him all-in with 4-8(s) against Kent's Q-3. Board 8-Q-9-J-9 gave Kent the 2-pair and left Rei with second place, though he was still stoked to be in the money on his second ever tournament as Dunedin Casino.

Congratulations Kent.