Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kev the Comeback Kid

Pretty good turnout for our penultimate Classic Qualifier tonight, with a total of 26 players.  In addition, there were 33 rebuys and 44 addons for a combined prize pool of $2200.  From tonight's contribution, the Classic pool is now sitting on $5,684, and in just one weeks time we'll know who exactly is going to get to play for it!

Tonight's top four were Danny W, Karl R, Kev F and Ryan H.

First out we have Ryan go all-in with the flop being 8-7-2.  Kev and Danny call.  Turn and river are 3 & 5 respectively.  Ryan shows A3, but no good for him, Kev flips over his 95 knocking out Ryan with a pair of 5's.

Danny goes all-in for 3½BB and is called by Karl.  Danny rolls over "The Mutt" K9 and Karl show K3. Flop is Q-8-7.  Few chances for Danny here.  Turn is a trey, giving Karl a pair of 3's.  River is a bricky 6, so Danny is out on 3rd.

Now we are left with Karl and Kev.  The chips are switching back and forwards every few hands.  Kev manages to get Karl down to 3BB and Karl goes all in blind.  Karl manages to win the hand and has a few more chips now.  Kev folds a few before he calls an all in.  Kev rolls over AT and Karl 97 suited.  Flop comes out Q-4-5, turn is an 8.  Karl looking for a 6,7,9 to win...  But unfortunately the river is an A, strengthening Kev's hand.  Kev busts out Karl with a pair of A's.  Well done Kev!

Also, earlier on the final table, Kev was down to less than 1 BB, somehow he managed to come back and win the whole thing! I guess miracles do happen...

Just a reminder that this Saturday, we have our $150 May Deepstack starting at 2pm, and instead of the Thursday Turbo tomorrow we're running a free to enter/$10 rebuy satellite where 1 in 6 will be guaranteed to win a seat.  Registration opens at 5:30pm and the Satellite starts at 7:30pm.  Click here for details.