Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ben Busts out the Best

We had a great turn out for tonight's tourney with 50 points awarded for each K.O. 28 players in total, some new and some familiar faces.

A total prize pool of over $2200 meant that there were 5 prizes to give away with a guaranteed first prize of $1000.

The lucky 5 remaining players of the 28 were Charlotte, Damien, Adam, Ben and Mark. Damien had a double K.O. sending Michael home and Mark home in 5th possy.

4 remaining and its heads up between Charlotte and Damien. Charlotte's all in with A J v A 7. Flop is 10 9 9 turn 5 river J. Charlotte K.O's Damien and he finishes in 4th.

Charlotte's on a roll and goes all in again, with A J. Adam's counting his chips thinking about his move. Is his hand good enough? Does he have what it takes to call.........why not. He calls with K J.
Flop comes 7 7 7. Jeepers. I wonder if Ben folded a 7?? Anywho, turn is 6. Charlotte is feeling confident. BOOM out comes K on the river giving Adam Ks full and has Charlotte covered. Charlotte finishes 3rd.

Adam and Ben have made a deal and are now playing for the pic on the blog.

They are both all in. Adam has 8s 9d vs Ben's Jd 8c.

Flop is 4d 9c Kd, turn 8d, river 3d.

Ben is our winner with J high flush.

Well done Ben and well done to those that K.O'd their opponents during the tournament.

Only 2 more Wednesday Classic V poker nights left before the finale. The estimated prize pool is $6038

Remember you must be a Dunedin Casino club member to qualify also. If you've got the points, then you must be a club member for them to be valid.

Good luck to all!!